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Much has have been said about the need for creativity in business and the need for designers to claim their seat at the table. The question we have been asking ourselves is whether the boardroom -as we know it- would be the right place to be. For designers and CEO’s that value creativity alike. A few organizations are build in a way for creativity to foster. So we decided to design a solution, et voilà! BoardRoom was born.

Voor who?
For everyone who wants to foster creativity.

We have created 3 different zones.

We work with NOVO packaging and Flock Techniek

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“If I had an hour to solve
a problem I’d spend 55
minutes thinking about
the problem and 5 minutes
thinking about solutions.”

– Albert Einstein

Play zone

Your first steps in the world of design. When you are wondering if a pin pong table will help? Most likely not. Play is important but design isn’t about winning, so when designing try to fight the urge to beat your colleges. Rather try to win together.

What does the Play Zone provide?
A good selection of the BoardRoom line which helps with those first steps into creativity.

Project Space

Ready for some next steps? Go and work with our Project Space. It will provide you with enough items to help your project further. The pieces are perfect if you are ready to tackle challenges with your team. It provides items to pin inspiration on and enough to transform a normal meeting room into an active meeting room.


What does the Project Space provide?
The items from the Project Space give your team a creative kick-start.

Culture Hub

The Culture Hub helps with decorating a bigger space in which every corner radiates creativity. The items together provide your team with a place where they go ahead and start being creative. No plain whiteboards anymore, but surfaces to draw on that stimulate creativity.

What does the Culture Hub provide?
This set contains all the items from BoardRoom and has enough items to fully decorate a space.

Wat levert het op?

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Designing Cultures

Duurzame verandering en groei beginnen met de cultuur van je organisatie. Je hebt een creatieve motor nodig om abstracte concepten continu om te zetten in praktische vernieuwing. Met onze op maat gemaakte workshops wordt design gedreven innovatie een tweede natuur.

Tools used
Workshops, Paper prototyping

Design Research
Putting people first

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Strategic Design
Tap into unexplored areas

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Designing Cultures
Cultivate a creative environment

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