We design services that people love to use and organizations are proud to provide.

About us

We are an inter-disciplinary team of dedicated professionals that understand people, technology and business. Our skills vary from graphic design to workshop facilitation, from qualitative research to strategy design. We are curious by nature, love to have people over for lunch and go into the field for research. All this helps us to get gather a better understanding of peoples needs and desires. We translate this knowledge into valuable services for both clients and users.

Our approach

Over the last hundred years design has proven to be a successful process to create amazing products that people love and admire. Today we use this process to design useful, desirable and sustainable services. With our crystal-clear visual communication we bridge the gap between different stakeholders and make future dreams tangible.

Work with us

What is the right time to call us? Of course when you feel the need to innovate your services. While we find that this ‘wicked problem’ is always the underlying strategic issue or ambition, we experience that our clients are more likely to identify themselves with practical issues like:

  • How can I get a better understanding of my customers?
  • How do I create sustainable growth with new business?
  • How can I compete and differentiate with customer experience?
  • How can I develop future scenarios that help me to shape our strategy?
  • How can I help my organization to make the shift from product to service thinking?
  • How do I embed and cultivate design thinking in my organization?

Case studies

Service providers can be found anywhere; about 80% of the Dutch GNP exists of services. Our projects are diverse and in a broad spectrum, with clients from various fields. For example: public services, finance, health care, fast moving consumer goods, retail, logistics, education, government and media.

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  • Free service design book

    We've written a small book called "Innovation is Served" to explain what we do. It's free to download, just click here to get your copy.

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    • phone: +31 30 890 3220
    • email: energy@31v.nl
    • address:
    • Oudegracht 8
    • 3511 AM Utrecht
    • The Netherlands

    You can also address your emails directly to Marc Fonteijn (marc@31v.nl).