Playing with energy levels within a workshop [Inside 31Volts]

This edition of Inside 31Volts is about how you can play with and keep the right energy level within a workshop.

Different energy levels throughout the process… »

In a service design workshop you usually start to diverge in the beginning of the process. You try to get more information on
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Running a successful ideation workshop part 2 [Inside 31Volts]

This is the second part of ‘Running a Successful Ideation Workshop’. To refresh your memory, our first video was about what idea generation is within a workshop and how to prepare this for your participants. First there is an explorative phase to find out how people experience the service. After… »
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Running a successful ideation workshop part 1 [Inside 31Volts]

Facilitating workshops is a profession in itself and should be taken lightly. It’s definitely an art that needs to be practiced over a longer period before you master it. The reason decided to make a 2 part Inside 31Volts on workshop facilitation is that workshops are extremely common in service… »
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Making Progress gaat in première op 12 september

De afgelopen maanden hebben we bij 31Volts met een toegewijd team gewerkt aan een inspirerende documentaire onder de naam Making Progress. Making Progress is geboren uit onze nieuwsgierigheid naar de mensen die onze huidige tijd niet praten over innovatie maar het daadwerkelijk doen en nog belangrijker, wat kunnen we van… »
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Photo Studies. How to make them useful. [Inside 31Volts]

A photo study is an important tool in many service design challenges. You use the collection of photos to inspire your design process. With a photo study you can make the intangible tangible and it helps you to capture behavior of people.

Create something to point at… »

The challenges in
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